Allegretto - The fast and lively CSS Framework

Allegretto - The fast and lively CSS Framework


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Allegretto , a musical term and my cat, is a CSS3 framework built around easy-to-use grids and WCAG accessibility.

Mainly created for rapid S.P.A. prototyping and wireframing. The concept behind the framework is "fast and lively" - the meaning of the musical term: Allegretto. It doesn't use any CSS pre-processors, has a minimal load impact and has a grid system that's familiar to almost any front-end developer who has used a CSS framework in the past.

Merging some concepts from Bootstrap like the .row and .col style classes, with newer concepts from like the .is- modifier for classes I feel is a nice mix of styles.

Quick Use

Link the stylesheet using CDN:

<link rel="stylesheet" href=""\>


  • Super light-weight. Just ~3kb (minified + gzipped).
  • Build with Accessibility in mind, A.O.D.A "AA" Compliant
  • Fast and lively, great for quick wireframing/prototyping
  • A 12-Col grid that actually works
  • Easy to extend with your own CSS variables
  • Comes with a handful of components & utilities
  • Expects proper HTML5 semantic markup